Bold and Beautiful: How to Wear Printed Fabrics with Confidence

Just like colours that improve mood, confidence and offers that "Feel Good" factor, printed fabrics too have a similar effect on the wearer. One of the distinct examples of a colour and its effect on human psyche is yellow. It inspires, boosts vibrancy and thereby happiness. On the other hand, black might reflect toned-down or gloomy vibes although it resonates with authority. Printed fabrics also exhibit similar traits. A perfect example would be floral theme that accentuates femininity and resonates with free-spiritedness.

Fabric Prints - How to wear them with confidence?

The sheer vivacity that prints ooze is enough to make it a perfect candidate for your next dress. Nonetheless, you need to keep the following in mind before buying a fabric such as abstract digital print on georgette fabric or muslin fabric.


1. Exploit Prints in Tandem with Colours

While some of the printed fabrics are used to design solo wear, there are others which typically crafted as a complementing, secondary piece. A perfect example of the former and the latter would be a midi / long dress and a printed top. The thumb rule for printed fabrics is to mix and match. Wearing a full-bodied dress, such as a traditional printed silk fabric based Salwar / Kurta can be a little too overwhelming. The idea is to tone down the impact by mixing it with neutral colours. Imagine the same printed dress against a white / cream Salwar, and you have a winner, a dress which is sure to raise confidence and appreciative glances.

2. Creatively Designed Add-ons

Add-ons such as creatively designed decorative sleeves, neutral coloured sleeve edges, white / cream fabric waist belts and V-necklines with deeper cuts are some of the ways to tone down loud or full-bodied prints, and thereby wear the concerned dress with confidence. Toning down or breaking the print offers a creative breather to a solo printed dress. This trick works for most of the fabrics including printed linen fabric and at the same time makes the wearer appear slimmer and taller.

PRO TIP – Remember, darker prints tend to make the wearer look slimmer while lighter shades create a halo of volume, of a fuller image.


3. Complementing, Secondary Add-on Attires

Do you own a cream striped digital print georgette satin fabric midi or maybe you have crafted a long dress/maxi style from a red floral material, and now you are unsure of the impact it has on the people and your personality? Don’t worry! Dilute some its overpowering presence by complementing or contrasting it with a jacket/poncho or a coat. As a fashion enthusiast, you need to understand that dresses made from printed chiffon fabric can only complement a poncho or long coat while those made from other materials go well with jackets too.  

In conclusion—make sure you design a full dress from printed fabrics which are not loud. For printed materials which are overpowering, the idea is to break the monotony through creative ways. Some of them are mentioned above. Exploit it to the fullest. 

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