Fabrics for Every Season - Choosing the Right Material for Every Occasion

One of the essential components of any attire, for any occasion or season, is the fabric itself. Designers, fashionistas and talented seamstresses/conceptualisers can make do without fancy buttons, hooks, laces etc. but creating a dress without fabric is impossible. And therefore, choosing the right material is extremely important. This also includes premium options like organza fabric. Although cotton is called an "All Season" fabric it has its limitations in terms of glamour, drape and elegance. 


Silk Organza

Dresses for special occasions demand special materials -

As a wearer, you have to understand that choosing run-of-the-mill material for wedding / pre-wedding functions can be disastrous. Social events are synonymous with extravaganzas, shimmering evenings, and stunning attires. Moreover, you also need to consider the season before visualizing the attire or offering measurements to your favorite dressmaker. The material you choose will depend on the style of dress you plan to wear. For example, skin-hugging / not too closely constrained attires such as circular lehengas, Abaya style suits, Anarkalis, and extra blazed up dresses or multi-layered flared gowns, each of these demands distinct fabric.

All the above attires would make little sense if crafted out of ordinary fabrics. What these dresses demand are rich fabrics, intricate embroidery (thread/sequins), and luxurious embellishments. One of the popular options is Georgette embroidery fabric. Georgette is generally made from pure silk, but it is also woven from a myriad of blended yarns. It is crepe-like material, lustrous, lightweight, and super glam. It is suitable for most of the seasons and grand events of life.

Chiffon fabric is perfect for all occasions and therefore a versatile textile. Abaya style suits, Anarkalis, and Indo-western dresses & tops are some of the style options you can opt for. It can also be used to design classic salwar kameez or pant-style suits. Chiffon is an impressive and rich fabric that is perfect for both formal as well as informal occasions. Embellished chiffon, especially the one that boasts a complex tapestry of muted self / embroidered designs is a big hit with bridal dress designers.



Chanderi fabric on the other hand is a great option for a number of ethnic and modern dresses and has an interesting history. Earlier, it was reserved only for sarees, but over a period of time and with the introduction of new high-fashion attires it caught the fancy of Indian designers. Today, Chanderi is used to create Indo-Western dresses, intriguing tops and radical women's apparel. This fabric is known for its sheer quality (transparency) and fine finish.


Choosing the right material for different occasions also means blending different fabrics. Muslin fabric is a perfect example. Muslin is rarely used as a solo fabric. However, dresses made from other luxurious textiles are often in need of muslin as a secondary layer. Reasons may vary—to increase weight, provide improved flare or simply to form the top layer of multi-layered attire. Most of the times Muslin reflects muted self-design in equally muffled colours.

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