Designing Your Lehenga Your Way - The Freedom of Unstitched Lehengas

Not many are aware that an ancient two-piece garment ( "antariya" ), draped in front and back, to cover the lower body has today evolved into the most popular attire called "Lehenga". The current "Look" of this dress is quite similar to those worn by the women during Lord Krishna's period. Back then, simple lehenga designs or dyed lehenga were some of the common options available to the womenfolk. Thousands of years later, lehenga choli has once again gained momentum in terms of acceptance and admiration, and the first choice when it comes to traditional haute couture. 

What makes lehenga the darling of Indian women of all age groups is its style which not only reflects ethnic values but accentuates a woman’s beauty as well. Moreover, its association with Indian culture and ancient fashion enhances its religious and social significance.

Stitched or Unstitched?


Although many women tend to buy stitched lehenga and then tweak as per their needs ( body measurements ), this option never really offers that sense of satisfaction in terms of fit, finish or style. The reason being, that the seamstress / tailor will make changes that are temporary in nature. A little pull, a little stretch can rip off the weak stitches and thereby render the lehenga shapeless. On the other hand, a semi-stitched printed lehenga offers just one advantage; tailoring as per body measurements. However, you cannot style it as most of the sections are already cut and laid out for final ensemble.

Only unstitched lehengas offer that freedom to design attire that not just complements your body contours but also offers that liberty to style it the way you want to. Fabric Pitara offers an inspiring range of “unstitched lehenga” in assorted designs/patterns and in an equally impressive range of fabrics such as georgette fabric, brocade fabric, satin fabric, chiffon fabric, silk fabric, and crepe fabric. 


Craft a bespoke, classic lehenga for special occasions like weddings, pre-wedding functions and receptions, and step onto the podium/wedding destination in style.


What about designer lehenga?


Whilst classic lehenga is the first choice of womenfolk when it comes to routine traditional attire, designer options are perfect for special occasions. Some of the designer lehengas include -

  • Straight cut lehengas.
  • Panelled lehengas.
  • Circular lehengas.
  • Fish tail or mermaid.

Conclusion -

Unstitched lehengas provide creative gateway, and unshackles you from the banal fashion trends. It allows you to add contrasting layers of fabrics such as sheer "net" or superimposing the basic attire with cascading and complementing textiles. The freedom of unstitched fabric lehenga goes beyond style and substance. Fashionistas use it to express their personality and sensuality.