Embroidery Fabrics for Fashion - A Designer's Guide

Embroidery is one of the creative ways of transforming ordinary fabrics/attires into regalia, a signature wear that is one of a kind. Although this art has seen several ups and downs in terms of popularity it has never disappeared or been abandoned for long durations. Today, fabric embroidery is on the rise once again. The reason for this upsurge is because of the growing interest of fashion designers and end users—to create distinct, dextrous, designer apparel.

Fashionistas and designers have stirred this passive decorative needlework medium and turned it into a rage. Although this form of fabric art has references even in the Vedas, Kasuti embroidery, which is derived from two words Kai (meaning hand) and Suti (meaning weave) is considered the oldest Indian forms. It dates back to 7th century A.D, during the Chalukya period. 

Some of the other popular Indian Embroidery styles include -

Phulkari from Punjab.
Kashida from Kashmir.
Kantha embroidery from West Bengal.

"Chikankari", another embroidery option, offers the best of both worlds. It is usually created on premium fabrics such as silk, organza, chiffon or net while the designs revolve around floral themes. What makes it even more distinct is the use of white / cream threads over similar shades of fabric. Chikankari embroidery fabric offers fantastic shadow effects because the base material and the thread vary slightly in terms of hue. Chikankari literally means embroidery.

The Indian embroidered art uses exclusive fabrics and threads. Artisans create a complex tapestry of floral, geometric, psychedelic and animal motifs such as peacocks on some of the most costly textiles. No wonder then Indian craftsmanship and fabric embroidery is revered by local and global fashion designers.

Even in ancient times, Indian embroiders used exclusive and costly threads made from gold, silver, silk and fine cotton. As for fabrics, silk, linen, wool were some of the preferred materials. Today, the same master artisans make use of luxurious, lustrous and luxe fabrics such as georgette, net and crepe.

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Fabric Pitara offers a stunning range, including georgette embroidery fabric which is known for its crisp, matte-like texture. Most of Fabric Pitara’s exclusive textiles are reserved for grand occasions such as weddings, receptions and anniversaries. 

The Indian embroidery domain is unique, and therefore offers distinct designs for different events. “Mirror embroidery fabric”, a well-known craft synonymous with Gujarat and Rajasthan is one such example. Mirror embroidery fabric is perfect for religious and social occasions such as Navaratri, Mata ki Chowki etc. 

Fabric laced with mirrors is also used for making fashion accessories such as bags, shoes and home decor products. 

So, make sure to explore embroidered fabric this season, and get in sync with the latest trend.