Fashion Icons: Celebrating the Legacy of Your City's Design Legends

India's fashion scene is as diverse and vibrant as its culture. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the historic lanes of Kolkata, each city boasts an array of fashion designers redefining the Indian fashion industry. Whether you're a fashion lover or looking for that perfect outfit that speaks volumes about your style, there's no shortage of talent across the country. Let's take a closer look at some of the top fashion designers in various Indian cities and the unique products they bring to the table. Consider checking out their Instagram for a glimpse of their stunning collections and find the next addition to your wardrobe!

Mumbai: The Fashion and Art Capital

Masaba Gupta: A name synonymous with bold prints and a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, Masaba's creations are a favorite among Bollywood celebrities and fashion lovers. Her products range from quirky sarees to stylish athleisure wear, often incorporating silk and cotton blends that add a luxurious feel to her vibrant designs.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee: Though based in Kolkata, Sabyasachi's influence in Mumbai is undeniable. Known for his luxurious bridal wear, his designs blend nostalgia and modernity perfectly, making every bride's dream come true. Sabyasachi favors rich fabrics like velvet, silk, and organza, embellished with intricate embroidery and traditional Indian techniques.

Delhi: The Blend of Heritage and Contemporary

JJ Valaya: A maestro of royal and opulent designs, JJ Valaya's creations are a testament to India's rich cultural heritage fused with contemporary elegance. His collections include exquisite bridal wear, evening gowns, and finely tailored menswear, predominantly using brocades, silks, and velvets to achieve his signature regal look.

Amit Aggarwal: Known for his innovative use of materials and technology, Amit Aggarwal's designs are futuristic yet deeply rooted in tradition. His collections feature structured sarees, glamorous gowns, and avant-garde silhouettes, often crafted from recycled materials, polymers, and traditional silk to create a unique texture and form.

Bangalore: The Modern Metropolis

Shabnam Gupta: Although primarily an interior designer, Shabnam Gupta has made significant contributions to fashion with her unique approach to design, which emphasizes storytelling and personalization. Her work includes collaboration with fashion designers to create immersive, experiential spaces that reflect contemporary styles. She leans towards organic cotton and sustainable materials that mirror her environmental commitment when venturing into fashion.


Krsnaa Mehta: The founder of India Circus, Krsnaa Mehta's design aesthetic is modern, strongly emphasizing Indian motifs and colors. His work, though more focused on home décor, often crosses over into the realm of fashion accessories and lifestyle products, offering a holistic design perspective. The fabrics used in his fashion line include vibrant cotton and luxurious silks adorned with bold prints and patterns.

Kolkata: The Cultural Beacon


Sabyasachi Mukherjee: A global icon of Indian bridal fashion, Sabyasachi's creations are a homage to India's rich textiles, craftsmanship, and heritage. His products include bridal wear, luxury prêt, and accessories that embody elegance and timelessness, with a preference for handwoven silk, georgette, and chiffon, detailed with exquisite embroidery.

Anamika Khanna: Celebrated for her innovative use of traditional Indian crafts in contemporary silhouettes, Anamika Khanna's designs cater to the modern Indian woman. Her collections include everything from elegant sarees to edgy fusion wear, often utilizing fabrics like silk, organza, and net, creatively combined with traditional Indian embroideries.

Hyderabad: The Blend of Nizami Legacy and Modern Flair

Jayesh Sachdev: While primarily known for his art, he has ventured into fashion with his label Quirk Box, characterized by bold, graphic prints and vibrant colors. His products blend art and fashion, offering a fresh perspective on everyday wear, using comfortable, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen to ensure wearability alongside style.


Archana Rao: Known for her label Frou Frou, Archana Rao brings a minimalist, understated elegance to her designs. Her collections are known for their subtle sophistication, focusing on clean lines and delicate details, with a strong preference for pastel-hued organza, silk, and cotton that lend a soft, ethereal quality to her creations.


Pune: The Emerging Design Hub

Nida Mahmood: Dubbed the "Queen of Kitsch," Nida Mahmood's designs are an explosion of colors, patterns, and pop culture references. Her products range from apparel to accessories, each telling a story of India's eclectic street culture. She frequently uses traditional and modern fabrics, including digital print on satin, georgette, and cotton, making her pieces stand out.

Karan Torani: Karan Torani's work celebrates Indian heritage, culture, and storytelling. His designs are deeply rooted in traditional crafts and techniques, expressed through contemporary fashion that appeals to a young, vibrant audience. Fabrics like handloom cotton, silk, and chiffon are adorned with handcrafted embroidery and prints, reflecting a deep respect for India's textile traditions.


Chennai: The Gateway to the South

Rehane: A pioneer in Chennai's fashion scene, Rehane's designs blend contemporary styles with traditional craftsmanship. Her collections are known for their Mediterranean influence, mixed with quintessential Indian embroidery and embellishments. She often uses silk, cotton, and linen, creating modern pieces that are deeply rooted in textile heritage.


Vijay Pillai: Though less widely recognized than some other names on this list, Vijay Pillai's work in interior design has influenced the local fashion scene, emphasizing minimalism and functionality. His aesthetic is reflected in collaborations with fashion designers, focusing on clean, sophisticated lines and timeless elegance, with a preference for natural fabrics that echo his minimalist approach.

India's design landscape is as diverse and vibrant as its culture. With its unique heritage and contemporary pulse, each city fosters a distinct design ethos. The designers mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg, representing a fraction of the talent and creativity across the country. Whether through textiles, spaces, or digital screens, Indian designers continue to push boundaries, celebrate heritage, and inspire innovation.